Diplom-Geologin (2004)

Job searching worldwide

Is there any possibility to get a solid job in the field of volcanoes? Also in other countries of the world? I have a german diploma and work with volcanics and volcaniclastics since 17 years, also with seldom volcanic rocks like carbonatites and kimberlites, diatremes, maar volcanism, altered subvolcanics, ... I have also experience with engineering geology, deep and well drillings, geothermal drillings. I'm 40 years old and want to settle down in a region where I'm wanted with my experience with good salary, good working and living conditions. Perhaps volcanism and nature. Also other good paid jobs. With variability, diplomacy, wideness - for a connected and peaceful mankind. Worldwide.

Volcanism is one of the biggest forces of the world. The mechanisms are widespread. The chemical components are widespread. You can have volcanic rocks in a huge variability and with an origin from lower mantle to upper crust. With a huge variety of temperature. Volcanism is always connected with metals, rare minerals and gemstones. They can grow in the volcanic body or come in with post-magmatic fluids. You can have strong alteration processes which are connected with processes which produce secondary growing minerals. The iron of volcanic rocks can oxidize or reduce and form ore deposits. Kimberlitic bodies can have a huge variety of rare minerals and connected subvolcanic rocks from earths mantle and crust. Worldwide. Secondary processes form new minerals like gipsum. Old volcanic bodies you can also find in the surrounding of the granulite mountains. These are parts of ophiolitic complexes. Eclogite and olivine rich amphibolitic rocks are altered to serpentinite. These areas are enriched in Ni-ores and seldom minerals, too. Paleozoic volcanism you can have in metamorphised pelitic oceanic sediments in the Vogtland area. There you have basaltic tuff layers between the deep sea sediments with a silurian to devonian age. The basaltic tuff layers are connected with pillow basalts and peperite, also on the Scheibenberg in the Ore mountains. And the oceanic sediments are full of little fossils. It is not the earliest volcanism you have to mention. I don't know bimodality in the Vogtland area. I know this from other areas in Germany. The devonian basalts are a result from island arc volcanism in the back of a subduction zone. In carbonian and permian times the volcanic periods changed in Saxony, Thuringia and Saxony-Anhalt because the Variscan orogeny began to work. The volcanism changed from basaltic to intermediate to felsic. We have more subvolcanic bodies and in the earliest permian period more explosive volcanism with much more tuff layers. These volcanic rocks come to earths surface along tectonic faults which can be very deep. Also in recent times we have volcanic products like CO2-gas bubbles near the Eger rift. And we have swarm quakes which show recent expansion caused by the drifting of the African Continent to north. You can see it recent on the East African rifting where the spreading is very fast. The African Continent moves dextral so there will be much more earthquakes in the future in Africa and in Europe.

The biggest wish is to do the PhD with beloved volcanic rocks and to get another good place to live. Find someone to love on this planet who don't limits me and accepts that my person is more than simple. I have to dance more - my body is getting fat and inelastic. 3 hours dancing in a good surrounding is limiting my bodies extent about 1 cm. Not alone. I need more variability, more positive action, more landscapes, more travelling. Good and exciting persons. Going forwards.