Diplom-Geologin Heike D. Grieswald

Heike D. Grieswald

Kontakt: info[at]heike-grieswald.de

Job gesucht/ job searching

I need a restart in a new region as soon as possible.
Also outside Germany. You are searching for a geologist with 10 years working experience - here I am.

Ingenieurgeologie | Altbergbau | normale und seltene Vulkanite, Vulkanoklastika, Subvulkanite | Bearbeitung von Wismut-Tiefbohrungen (bis 1267 m) seit 2002 | Erdwärme- und Brunnenbau seit 2008 | Berichte | Gutachten | Fachvorträge zu geologischen Risiken.

Bitte informieren Sie sich auf den Unterseiten dieser Webpräsentation. Über treue Geschäftspartner und Chefs auf 'Augenhöhe' (m/w/d) freue ich mich.

Engineering geology | older mining | normal and rare volcanics, volcaniclastics, subvolcanics | working with deep drillings to 1267 m since 2002 | geothermal and well drillings with maximum depths of 100 m since 2008 | reports and papers | lectures to geological risks.

Please inform about my professional experience. You can get all informations in english. Smart business partners and good chiefs are very welcome in my life.


I'm a geologist with a diploma from Freiberg University of Mining and Technology and work with different rocks and minerals since 1997. My qualification I have done with Permian volcanics, volcaniclastics and the sediments which means sheed floods and fluvial deposits as the result of wheathering.

In different jobs I aquired professional experience in engineering geology, geothermal and well drillings, remediation mining and also worked with big drillings to get protection walls against devasting floods. In the past I have as principal assistant also mentioned to build a company which prepared geothermal drillings and groundwater wells from 10 to 100 m depth. There I had to do the advertising, to create a website, to correspond with private persons and authorities and to do my normal job as geologist. Until 2018 I supervised different companies which worked with geothermal and well drillings. Beside I had to work in a little museum of nickel ore surface mining and smelting, agates and crocoites in a honoury capacity. I also worked as volunteer to prepare Geothermal Congresses in Saxony. And I was in a association which worked with an arsenic visitor mine.

Since 2002 I'm working with deep drillings with depths from 100 to 1267 m for stratigraphically and geothermal aspects and well drillings from 10 to 70 m to get groundwater. 2016 I had the luck to prepare the stratigraphy of a map of Delitzsch-Brehna which is mainly situated in Northern Saxony and little in Saxony Anhalt. I had to look for data sets of 2450 drillings. There were sediments from Cambrian to Quarternary and volcanics, volcaniclastics and subvolcanics from Cambrian to Upper Cretaceous to work with. 2017 I had a little project to sort and define 1630 core samples of rare volcanic and plutonic rocks from different regions of europe for following intense preparations. These self-employed projects are over. I'm also preparing a deep drilling with Cambrian sediments and altered intermediate and mafic subvolcanics. With these drilling it would be nice to do the PhD - if sometimes possible. But I have to finance the life permanently and it would be very nice if all the past experiences makes sense in the future.

So please call or send an e-mail if you need my experience as geologist.

The next two days I'm offline. I wish you a good time.


Liebe weibliche Fachkräfte, falls Sie auch gerne fachlich ignoriert und auf das Private reduziert werden, machen Sie bitte trotzdem Stück für Stück weiter. Es müssen ganz viele von uns aktiv bleiben. In jeder Region und permanent. Das gibt Vielfalt und neue Ideen. Ich wünsche Ihnen gutes Gelingen und schöne, gleichberechtigte Begegnungen.

Werte Institute und Landesämter, gern bearbeite ich weitere Kimberlite und Karbonatite für Sie. Bitte in Zukunft nach TVL13 oder äquivalent. So, wie es sich gehört. Ich wünsche Ihnen einen  erfolgreichen Tag.